Ben Francis, writer, author, dramatist, teacher, UKHello.  I am Ben Francis and I am a writer and teacher.  I have written a book on Stephen Sondheim, Careful the Spell You Cast, where I argue that Sondheim was not the cynic that some writers make him out to be, but in fact is a romantic in the tradition of the Broadway musical, albeit with a more modernist sensibility.  I often write on musical theatre and have had essays in The Oxford Handbook of Sondheim Studies, The Oxford Handbook of the British Musical and The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Music.

I also write plays, some of which have been performed.  There are examples of some short plays of mine on the Drama Page.

I also teach English as a foreign language and am CELTA qualified.  I can help you with writing business and academic reports and essays, and help you be more confident speaking English, a language that has a lot of oddities, and also help you understand more about our culture.

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